StompLight® Newsletter April 2022

StompLight is proud to announce our April 2022 Customer of the Month and StAy LiT Flask recipient Mr. Donald Loeffler. Donnie is a professional musician and studio engineer based in Louisville Kentucky. Donnie began his professional career at age 16 and has been a member of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) since 1999 performing on guitar, bass, drums/percussion, and vocals.

Donnie graduated from Bellarmine College in 1993 with a BA English and a music minor studying jazz theory under Jimmy Raney, Gene Bertoncinni, Jack Wilkins, and Cal Collins. Donnie produces commercial music, in Rock/pop, Country and Jazz genres and a podcast. He operates a recording studio, video soundstage, and is co-owner in River City Records LLC. Donnie typically plays 150 music engagements per year including select non profit charities for public stewardship.
Donnie incorprates the versatile StompLight Trio Bundle in his musical production. This versatile system is ideal for working professional musicians who gig in solo, duo and ensemble formats.

Donnie Loeffler
StompLight® Customer of the Month
Favorite song you perform: My favorite song to play is "Old Love"
If you could have lunch with three musicians, living or dead, who would be at your table? Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley
An inspirational word or two that you hold to in your life: "You better bring your hot sauce, because we're winging it"
A trick of the trade: Color code your speaker and instrument cables.


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"Playing with my new StompLight and loving it. Thanks for producing this kickass little lighting system."

- John Peckham

"I'm surprised at how much I like the StompLight. I used it twice this weekend at ensemble shows and it works very well. The superpower is that dimmer feature. I leave it on color wheel mode because I'm busy doing other things at these shows."

- Glade Wilson

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