Our Story

StompLight® founder Michael Ahern is a  regionaly touring Musician, retired NASA Mission Specialist, award winning Educator, Emmy nominated Songwriter, Band Manager, Event Producer and Festival Entertainment Director based in Northern California. Michael has learned first hand that many of the places working musicians perform do not offer adequate stage lighting. This reality led Michael on a quest to find a simple, portable and durable stage lighting system that can easily be added to any venue. StompLight® began with a successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2016. Since then Michael and his team has grown the business, sales and distribution globally. 

"We design, test and manufacture StompLight® with a focus on quality, durable design and simplicity of operation. There is simply no other portable stage lighting product on the market today that offers musicians the ability to feel confident, look amazing and to emotionally connect with their audience through a combination of music, color and sound responsive lighting effects"- Michael Ahern, President of StompLight 

StompLight®  has been awarded (4) US Patents:

No. 9,185,776 & 9,462,654 & Design D789,896
Other patents and trademarks pending