Pal DMX Stage Light Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:

(1) StompLight® Pal DMX Stage Light 
(1) StompLight® Li Ion Rechargeable Power Bank
(2) 12 Volt Power Adapters
(1) StompLight® Mic Stand Adapter
(1) Hook & Loop Tape Combo
Quick Start Guide and Power Bank Owner's Manual



The StompLight® Pal Bundle is a great way to expand your lighting options. By adding one or more StompLight® Pals to one's gig bag a performer will have multiple lighting options and a bigger lighting footprint available in just seconds. The StompLight® Pal is a uniquely designed, rugged and versatile companion stage light engineered to work alongside of the StompLight® Pro effect pedal (Soloist Bundle) or other DMX512 lighting controllers available today. The Pal is engineered in the form of a floor wedge to facilitate multiple lighting angles including a connection option (included) to mount on a mic stand for elevated wash and side fill. Under the control of a StompLight® Pro the StompLight® Pal is quickly connected to a StompLight® Pro alone or in a daisy chain with additional Pals, additional StompLight® Pros set to slave mode, and/or other DMX512 slave lights. The Pal may also be used as a "stand alone" stage light. DMX512 lighting controllers available today. 

The included StompLight® Power Bank is a rechargeable Lithium Ion power brick the size of a deck of cards. The StompLight® Power Bank replaces the need to hunt for wall power and the clutter of messy extension chords. Designed to run a StompLight® product for up to 4 hours. A StompLight® Power Bank allows you to power up your StompLight®Pro & Pal anywhere quickly. Great for fast staging and strike, outdoor gigs, busking, video, or anywhere you are looking to look great and streamline set up and strike. 

IMPORTANT: The StompLight®Pal requires an initial DMX connection with a StompLight Pro Effect Pedal or other DMX controller to "load" to initiate lighting. Once the Pal is lit it can be disconnected and used "stand alone".

  • The StompLight®Pal is a rugged 3.4 lb custom engineered steel enclosed road worthy DMX 512 stage light built in the form factor of a floor wedge. The StompLight®Pal is designed for use in multiple locations including the floor, placement on raised surfaces and for easy mounting onto a mic stand. This allows for elevated lighting options, side fill and angled washes. 
  • The StompLight®Pal is a client/slave light and requires a controller such as the StompLight® Pro DMX Lighting Effect Pedal. Connection with one or more Pals using mic cables is simple either split or in a daisy chain. The StompLight® Pal receives a DMX command and will mimic the StompLight Pro stage light pedal or other brand DMX 512 controller .
  • The StompLight®Pal can also serve as an "stand alone" stage light when first " light loaded' . Light loading is simple taking just seconds. HOW TO LOAD A PAL: Power up the Pal, then connect the Pal using a mic cable to a powered up StompLight® Pro (or any other DMX 512 controller). Next use the StompLight®Pro (controller) to select the desired solid color lighting. Carefully separate the Pro and Pal by detaching the mic cable connecting the Pro and Pal. You can then position the Pal accordingly. 
  • Like the Pro, our Pal works with the variety of DMX 512 lighting products that exist in today's marketplace.
  • The StompLight® Pal can be easily powered using the included StompLight® Power Bank making the Pal extraordinarily easy to set up and position anywhere quickly without hunting for wall power.



When the Pal is connected to a StompLight® lighting effect pedal the StompLight® Pal mirrors the StompLight® effect pedal's brilliant color and sound active effects. Another key feature of the StompLight® Pal is that it can be powered for hours with the external StompLight® Lithium Ion Power Bank making the Pal extraordinarily easy to set up and position anywhere. Bring along an extra battery pack and you are never out of power. A StompLight® Pal sets up and breaks down in seconds making it a great solution for the Wedding DJ or working musician who prefers a quick set up and tear down. A highly effective stage lighting system can be staged in umder two minues using a StompLight® lighting effect pedal connected to 1- 3 StompLight® Pals using StompLight® Power Banks.

The StompLight Pal incorporates the same gold standard CREE LED array as the StompLight lighting effect pedal creating a diffuse light field that lends itself to stage, facade or under-table lighting. Traditional PAR lights are often too focused for these applications. The small foot sprint and external battery pack make all StompLight® products easy to move about, position and break down.

The StompLight® Pal is housed in a rugged aluminum powder coated enclosure. Shaped like a floor monitor (aka floor wedge) the StompLight® Pal offers a variety of lighting angles and surface placement options. StompLight® Pal is light weight (1.7 lbs) and comes with fasteners installed for mounting to a microphone stand using the StompLight Mic Stand adapter included in the Pal Bundle.

The StompLight® Pal works with the StompLight® Pro and other DMX systems using  3-pin DMX cable or typical microphone cable (XLR). Multiple StompLight Pals can be daisy-chained (aka cascaded) together using a single StompLight® Pro as the Controller.

The StompLight® Pal also has a brightness adjustment knob for localized brightness adjustment.

The StompLight® Pal can be powered with the included rechargeable StompLight® Lithium Ion Power Bank or the included 12 volt wall adapter.

  • DMX 512 compatible
  • Small and Powerful
  • Lite weight and in the form factor of a floor monitor offering multiple lighting angles
  • Load it with a DMX signal and then remove XLR connection for a portable stand-a-lone lighting source.
  • Quickly mounts onto a mic stand using StompLight Mic Stand Adapter (Female) with the provided mounting screws. 
  • Rechargeable StompLight Power Bank for "off the grid" use
  • Powder coated custom engineered aluminum enclosure
  • Adjustable brightness with a vintage Daier “Moog Synth” control knob
  • Expandable with 3-pin DMX connectors for daisy chaining with StompLight® products and other DMX products
  • 12 volt 1.5 amp power requirement with included “center position” wall wort power adapter
  • Best of Class Cree LEDs with optical control, RGB color mixing, at 300 lumens with 50,000 hour lifespan = (16,000) 3 hour gigs
  • Length: 7.3” (18.4 cm) x Width 5.3” (13.5 cm) x Height 3.9” (10 cm)
  • Weight:  1.6 pounds
  • Engineered in Silicon Valley, CA  
  • 3 year warranty
  • This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

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