Soloist Stage Lighting Bundle - Limited Edition White

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Limited Edition Build 5 White StompLight Soloist Bundle:

(1) WHITE StompLight® Pro Build 5 DMX Stage Light Effect Pedal - NEW VERSION November 2022 - Limited Edition    
(1) StompLight® Li Ion Power Bank
(2) 12 Volt Power Adapters
Hook & Loop Tape
Quick Start Guide & StompLight Stickers

The StompLight® Soloist Bundle is ideal for: 

Solo Performers
Worship Musicians
Guitar Players w Pedal Boards
Studio Ambiance
Video Production
Merchandise Display / Tip Jar
School Music Programs
Pedal Collectors   


      This White StompLight Pro DMX Lighting Effect Pedal is a rare bird. Like the Black version it is extraordinary. A world's first in design, analog fuction, exceptional durability and ease of portability. The White Edition was originally concieved in 2015 for NAMM and worship artists and artists looking for something different than another product with a black finish. A White model was first displayed at NAMM in 2016. To date we have only built 100 White StompLight Pros. This latest version, the Build 5 edition offers StompLight® functionality and serious collector clout. 

      If you're a performing musician looking to build your audience and expand your booking opportunities you understand how your appearance and the role social media plays in today's music marketplace. If you are fortunate enough to play venues that have stage lighting that's great. Unfortunately not all places musicians perform have adequate stage lighting so having your own quality stage lighting available to quickly add to your performance will improve the audience experience, elevate social media activity and support better quality live video. Great music combined with professional quality stage lighting will create a better impression on your audience and talent buyers AND you will see an improvement in your tip jar draw. 

      Some of StompLight's® Features

      • Custom steel and aluminum "clam shell" WHITE enclosure with stainless screws. Built for years of use on the road.
      • "Best In Class" Cree 50,000 hour XL LEDs with optical control and RGBW color mixing capable of producing 350 lumens of stage lighting and washing a space 10'x10'
      • "Soft On the Eyes" custom engineered Phototronic LUX Diffuser 
      • StompLight is simple to operate - (3) foot-switches and (2) knobs control all your lighting, effects and custom programming.
      • Sound Responsive with internal microphone and 7-band spectrum analyzer - You can plug a guitar, bass, keyboard, mic or mixer into StompLight and create a dynamic sound responsive light show.
      • StompLight offers "super simple" programing. Our User Configuration options allow you to easily add and remove any of the factory programmed Effects to fit your Performance
      • Every Bundle includes our rechargable StompLight Li Ion Power Banks for "off the grid" or super fast set-up. With a StompLight Pro and ou Power Bank you can light a performance anywhere you play, practice or perform in just seconds. 
      • Our systems are expandable - grow or shrink your light show in seconds using mic cables for daisy chaining with StompLight® Pros, Pals and many other DMX products.
      • The StompLight Pro comes with a 1 Year warranty and email/phone support.

        Owner's Manual and Specifications

        StompLight Control Surface

         StompLight Rear Panel

         StompLight has 5 Effect Modes available at the tap of your foot

        • Color Wheel  - This mode cycles through all the color variations with adjustable speed and brightness. The ultimate  "turn it on and leave it" effect for a performance.
        • Solid Color  - You can choose a single color as the mood hits you and wash your stage. Stunning colors include Ice Blue, Rasta Green, Purple People Eater and Demon Red. This mode is also great for 1) up-lighting your merchie and band banners 2) up-lighting your amp/rig on stage. We programmed in our 7 favorite colors and you can also choose a color from the Color Wheel and add it to the Solid Color palette.
        • Built-on Mic / Color Organ  This mode utilizes a built-in microphone located near the surface of the control surface connected to our internal 7-band spectrum analyzer creating lighting that responds to your playing and the frequency of the sounds you produce. Drummers will love this mode! See this testimonial view Sound Active Mode works great for bands, house music, and DJs looking to add visual response and dynamics to a performance, session or rehearsal. 
        • Instrument Input / Color Organ - Don't want to use the Built-on Mic? You can plug an electric guitar or bass, keyboard, microphone, metronome or even a mixer into StompLight's 1/4" inputs.  From there adjust the gain of the input using the Gain Knob and off you go generating sound responsive lighting. This mode also incorporates our patented 7-band spectrum analyzer producing different color & frequency combinations of lighting effects. 
        • Strobe Effect - Switch to the classic strobe effect with adjustable speed and brightness for dance parties, raves and haunted houses. People with photosensitive epilepsy and photo sensitivity should refrain from using this mode.